How to compare metrics from different resources

On this link, you demonstrate how to compare metrics across resource: Waylay Documentation
However, the sensor getLatestMetrics is not available in our environment. What “currently available sensor” should be used? Looks like either our platform or de documentation is outdated.

you can upload publically available sensors from our Github sensors repository GitHub - waylayio/Sensors: Public sensor repository
There is Sensors/getLatestMetrics.json at master · waylayio/Sensors · GitHub there.
Just download raw file and use Waylay console to upload a plug

Could you please be more specific on “just download raw file and use waylay console to update a plug” - I’m not familiar with this. Sounds like an easy upload, but apparently not that easy for me ;-).

I created a small animated gif demo to do save/upload of sensor.
link to full-sized demo