How to remove metrics from a resource

For some testing resources in our staging environment, we are playing around with the data collection: reading out new metrics, renaming them if we see the naming is not shown in waylay as expected,… which results in lots of metrics linked to one resource, of which some became redundant. How to remove metrics that are not “in use” anymore?

PLease visit data broker API part of Waylay documentation Waylay Documentation
There is an explanation of possible ways to delete message cache data and timeseries data with examples there.

Indeed it describes how to delete timeseries data, but not how to delete specific metrics. Could you please advise?

normally you should be able provide a metrics parameter to the last delete example in docs:,another_metric_to_delete&from=10d&until=7d&onlytimeseries=true

metrics parameter contains comma-separated list of metrics to be deleted.
Looks like documentation missing that explanation.
Thanks for your feedback, we will update our documentation accordingly.

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