New release of TinyAutomator

It has been quite some time since last release of TinyAutomator.
The components of TinyAutomator got updated to latest versions. That will bring tons of improvements, fixes and some new features.
There are some new features has been added.

You can now use data simulator to push data via console.

Also you can stream task logs and data events on separate console tab.

You can also use Waylay Converter service to inject data to broker via HTTP. Details about converter creation documented at Data ingestion via MQTT broker
Create a payload file payload.json with content, eg.:

[{"ep":"demo","tmp":15 }]

and then you can invoke curl command to push that payload to converter with forwarding converted data to Broker:

curl -k --user apiKey:apiSecret -i -X POST -H "Content-Type: multipart/form-data" --form "payload=@./payload.json;type=application/json" ""

If you did not install TinyAutomator yet you can do it by following installation instructions on our documentation site Waylay Documentation
You can install it on your PC, Mac or Raspberry Pi (or any other ARM based device).
Also you can run it on VM instance in cloud - there are instructions how to run it on Amazon or Google cloud platforms.
If you already have running TinyAutomator instance the upgrade path is quite simple. Run following commands to update images and restart tinyautomator:

docker-compose -f tinyautomator-x86.yml pull
docker-compose -f tinyautomator-x86.yml stop
docker-compose -f tinyautomator-x86.yml start

Enjoy ! If you have any questions related to usage feel free to post it in this forum.

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