"Something went wrong with your connection, please try again."

I’m seeing the message, “Something went wrong with your connection, please try again.”, on several areas of the UI (Templates, Data Ingestion, Tasks). I’m unable to debug or save a Template with the error message of “Failed to fetch variables: Network Error” and “Failed to fetch variables: Network Error”.

Hi, can you provide a context of your issue ? is it on console-io.waylay.io ? can be some temporary network issue towards one of the waylay services.

Hi, yes it is on the console page see image below. I supsected it was a temporary thing, but it is still down after 24+ hours. I’ve tested the issue on a couple of devices, with the same result so I assume it’s on the platform side. Any guidance would be appreciated.


I’m still seeing this issue. Do you have any suggestions on how I can work around it?

Thank you

can you provide your tenant name ?
looks like something related to your tenant setup.
I was able to work without problem on my own tenant on console-io

actually I had the same behavior if my page remain open for some time.
I checked the “developer tool” and it was a “401 Unauthenticated” errors. It usually means that session token got expired.
After re-login was able to access all menu items. Can you also check the Developer tools in your browser, that shows HTTP requests/responses ? and say what kind of errors do you see there ? what are the HTTP codes of error responses: 500, 502, 401, 404,…?

Looks like a rights issue, see attached image. The account is a trail account. I’d rather not give my email on the public forum. But I did try to create a new trail account on a second email address and have the same experience on both accounts. Perhaps you could try the same?


Hi CMeg, problem should be resolved now.
Thanks for patience and assistance !

I can confirm it is working now. Thank you for the support